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This email sent today to the School Southsea, NYAS Barrister,  NYAS legal guardian, Local MP, Chief of Sussex Police and the judge at the next hearing.



Good Morning All.

I am now pleased to be provided with evidence from the solicitor that he has provided proof to the courts of the criminal lies he is providing to the courts regarding not only his own actions but the illegal actions of the school and the Mother also.

I am now in possession of his latest legal debacle of a court application.

In their ‘details of application’ they have stated lies regarding harassment that they tried to pin on me yet I was cleared by the police based on their false allegations.
Even better though is that ‘I have (apparently) threatened to abduct the children from school raising safeguarding issues’. Here we have a blatant lie to the courts from the School. It’s news to me and I would love to hear the fullness of this fascinating story and even when I apparently did this or how.

The next hearing will be a testing time as we will note if the judge is at all concerned about the lies being produced from a Private school whose reports are SO valuable.

It doesn’t stop there though as the excitement builds. You see the school have been telling me for years that they have court orders removing my joint parental rights. As such I have been illegally erased not only from my children’s lives but also from my children’s education and joint parental rights to be involved in their education by the school themselves.

In this new astonishing legal application, which is attempting to remove every single right I have to have any contact until 2027. YES! another 6.5 years at which point my eldest son will be 20 years old!

I have not seen them for over 2 years already, so this attempt is to erase three children’s father from them for nearly 9 years. REMEMBER I have done nothing, there is no evidence. This is simply the evil acts of a mother abusing her own children and a solicitor both of them who must now have gone insane.

The astonishing thing about this application is
The applicant father may not exercise or attempt to exercise his parental responsibility for any of the children generally!
So at the very beginning of this solicitors ‘schedule of orders sought’ he has in fact confirmed that the school have acted illegally. If an order needs to be sought to remove my parental responsibility and rights then it’s obvious that my rights are in fact in tact! Always have been! Never been removed.

Mother has illegally removed our eldest son without my consent from his previous school and enrolled him into a new school with email evidence provided to the school that I never gave my consent however the current school illegally bypassed my legal rights at the time as the father. It can be noted in previous blogs my requests for the mysterious court orders that cannot be produced.

Extraordinarily the application goes on that until 2027 I, the children’s father am to have nothing to do with

Their schooling, education or training
Their health, or any medical treatment
Their living arrangements
Their interaction with any statutory body or agency.
The mother is to change their names – which will destroy their lives as the new name is one of notoriety and hatred in Chichester and surrounding areas. Which is obvious to see given what they are doing now to their own children, grandchildren etc. You can only imagine what they do to people who are not family members.

No texting, no social media, nothing. My children’s mother literally is deciding that her children will not have a father at all, in any way, shape or form. I assume also then that if they fall ill or die, I will not be notified or the reverse.

So, Mothers Solicitor has confirmed in this latest court order that he, the mother and the school have broken the law and have been doing so for years.

I am, as a result very grateful for not only the truth but also this display or complete and utter legal insanity that has created the abuse of three beautiful, innocent children.

REMEMBER I have done nothing more than be a loving, adoring father to my three angels.

The next hearing should be one of extreme interest to see how the Judge deals with all this now.

NYAS, I trust you will bring this to the judges attention or is that again not in your job description?

I suggest to the courts that these poor children are removed from the ‘care’ of their mother immediately and returned to me, their loving father before the legal system completely destroys them.

Where I can give them a full, rounded, honest, loving normal life and schooling away from the hell that is being produced for them by these criminals.

They are wonderful, polite, beautiful, innocent little people – please don’t take that from them, please don’t allow another generation of evil to be created. They will only be taught and know human destruction and psychological violence that we see here in the mother.

Kind regards


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Gillian Keegan is our honoured local member of parliament  - The greatest part of that is that she has also been Minister for state care and mental health since 2021 - So perfectly positioned to help out given the context to mental health and care within the emails...

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After a 7 year hell this is a walk-through of a three hour final hearing in the children's court that wrongfully 'convicted' three innocent children and their father. Separated with zero contact for nearly ten years based purely on horrific lies with no evidence, whole childhoods destroyed.

This is proof that the criminal act of perjury is perfectly acceptable, corruption is normal and it creates the illegal removal of children from a loving parent.

No evidence is required to take the children - evidence against it is ignored. Child protection agencies are broken and act unlawfully.

This is the damming truth and can happen to anyone at any time - understand this. No one is special - we certainly are not.

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One adoring father - three beautiful young children, all victims of crimes in court rooms, written in law by lies and corruption.

Your whole family will be destroyed if this happens to you - it has to stop.