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The Legally Stolen Children website is now live. This will be updated as developments occur.  This story is not over. As this book is released and all media going live the children and I still wait for another hearing. Delays that appear to openly break human rights laws and others.

This project has been designed to be interactive, not just a book to read and leave. It’s designed to add pressure to an already existing movement in a way that is actually following a real life tragedy as it’s happening. I will use this space to update on developments and offer help or ideas if they become relevant. There may be a need for another book in the future. So much damage has now been done that it could take years to rebuild.


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An Anonymous Father

I am a Father in my mid forties with three children who are my entire world. For five years we struggled with an alienating Mother before tragedy happened in February 2019. Based on completely false allegations and lies she took her fiction to the court with no evidence and I have had zero contact with my children ever since. I am utterly broken as a human being, my fight for them has only damaged me in a system that doesn't hear the Father or want to see the truth. I'm telling the story of my tragic journey here with a view to help others and campaign for change. Leaving a legacy of truth for my beloved children who have been so terribly poisoned by lies.



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Be aware of mental health issues in victims of parental alienation. Look at equality between parents. The government seems to be such a great job with mental health awareness, but missing this huge area particularly the damage its doing to our future, our children.

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Innocent children, father, mother, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends - understand the tragedy that affects everyone.

After a 7 year hell this is a walk-through of a three hour final hearing in the children's court that wrongfully 'convicted' three innocent children and their father. Separated with zero contact for nearly ten years based purely on horrific lies with no evidence, whole childhoods destroyed.

This is proof that the criminal act of perjury is perfectly acceptable, corruption is normal and it creates the illegal removal of children from a loving parent.

No evidence is required to take the children - evidence against it is ignored. Child protection agencies are broken and act unlawfully.

This is the damming truth and can happen to anyone at any time - understand this. No one is special - we certainly are not.

This system wants to operate in secret - this book will show you the damnation and horrors from within the court room itself and exposes the horrific truth of a legal system that everyone wants to believe is right, correct and put the children first - think again!!!

One adoring father - three beautiful young children, all victims of crimes in court rooms, written in law by lies and corruption.

Your whole family will be destroyed if this happens to you - it has to stop.