These are the first stories from others and for me, as the author or Legally Stolen Children, it is incredibly heart warming to be able to share a space for people to share and vent if necessary. Also so incredibly important for people to be able to read that they are not alone.

I am so grateful to you for writing this and creating this campaign, I’ve had problems for years and this really puts my situation into perspective.
My brother has been arrested several times as well and seems to be getting nowhere, I’ve bought the book for him. thank you.
I’ve ordered this for a friend.
I cannot believe what you’ve been through, I’m so sorry for you and your beloved children, I’ll share this with all my friends and family, let’s hope this goes viral.

4 February 2021

It all started 3 and a half years ago the day I confronted my now ex wife about her being unfaithful and got no answer instead got kicked out. I had no contact with my 2 children for about 2 months so I decided to go forward with filing for visitation/divorce thinking the courts where going to give me my rights as there father. On our 1st court date I saw just how bias the system is when she went in with no proof just lies stating that she doesn’t feel safe leaving my children with me alone so in order to see my kids I had to agree to supervised visits with her as the supervisor. So I had to do that for 6 months I got one supervised visit a week for 2 hours. I made sure to make every visit and in 6 months I saw them twice all the other times she never showed up and I got police reports for every one of those visits that she failed to abide by that she was granted. As the next court date came I filed all the police reports for the judge to see so he can see and did anything happen to her OF course not. Her excuse was that she didn’t feel safe because I was on drugs so she requested a hair follicle test and was granted that and if I didn’t take the test I would not see my children so I did it and of course I was negative for all drugs, so we got back to court for the judge to see the results and she tells the judge I cheated the test that she wants me to take another one so again she’s granted the test and I was told by the judge that if I passed this one I will get 50/50 custody so her knowing she was going to lose it gave her more time to come up with something else and boy did she come up with a plan she called her local police and told them a bunch of lies got a police report went to court the next day and filed a restraining order and of course she was granted it for 5 years her and my kids. Now this was just a few months ago she was granted it. In this whole time I tried to keep a relationship between me and my kids because me and my kids were very close up until about a week ago when my kids were finally brainwashed by her and they turned on me saying they wanted nothing to do with me no more because of what there mom told them. In the 10 years of our marriage it was toxic but I held on to be in my kids lives and thinking she would one day change but it just got worse and worse. I HAVE BEEN DEFAMED BY THE COURT SYSTEM WHEN I DID EVERYTHING THAT WAS ASKED OF ME AND STILL LOST



20 February 2021

Dear reader,
I hope you’ll find my story interesting and I guess heart breaking in the same time. If you want you can judge me.

Here it is.

I had / have a daughter who is 6 years old will be this year. Actually I thought I have one. Me and her mum separated after 7 years of marriage so we agreed we will sharing the custody. At daytime she was at her mum’s at night time and weekends with me. Fortunately or not the social services involved our upbringing because her mother’s lifestyle I mean her chosen partner was not really a best choice in her life. Domestic abuse almost daily mostly in night time because my little one was with me. Of course it happened day time too but nobody talked about it. Either way not long ago I had to take a DNA test because the court urged the case and my ex partner mentioned it I am not the father for my little girl. When the result came back I was devastated. After 4 years of caring raising this child I did not know what to do. Of course since then the court is in the business because the social services involved our life and her mother not capable to give a stable home for her. So the court resided her with me as I’m not the biological dad but they granted me parental responsibility. I should not say I was on the birth cert until recently I have been removed by the court. Because I made a mistake to let my daughter see her mother the court removed her from my care and since then she is in foster care. I can see her once a week and 30 minutes of video call. The girl who I have had seen every day 24/7 in 365 that’s all what I allowed to spend with her. That will be reduced for ONE time in the month soon. Her mother tried to hide the bad part about her own life but unfortunately this little girl seen what she seen felt what she felt and of course she needs therapy because the past won’t let her grow up as a normal child. I understand now what she needs and why and agreed (it was really hard) about the foster care if they can do their job to help her as long as it takes. So I guess I won’t enjoy her silly jokes her laugh her smiles her neediness for a while what literally brakes my heart but life is harsh so I have to live with it. Hopefully when the time is right she’ll be a healthy little girl and she can come back to me. Oh wait. No she won’t. Why? Because I’m not her biological father only psychological one who has no rights after all. Might I can see her a few times but she won’t be allowed to live with me/us. Yes I have a partner over 3 years she has 3 children and the youngest living with us. They always talking about each other as SISTERS. That’s gone. It would been nice to see them grow up together but I’m pretty sure it won’t happen. When the whole thing is finished her therapy successful she will move to her mother’s because that’s the law and probably she put her life back in track. Am I / are we gonna see her like before? Hardly. What if her mum’s life will falling in the future another abuser hands? Will someone let me know my little girl in danger? No. I’m out of the picture officially. What will my parents will think/ say who not living nearby? If they are lucky they see her yearly but not in the last 3.

Of course this story can be more detailed more pages more feelings involved but I think if someone who can understand these few lines they will see and feel my pain behind the letters. Thank you

Z is Hungarian moved to UK in 2014

18 February 2021

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Innocent children, father, mother, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends - understand the tragedy that affects everyone.

After a 7 year hell this is a walk-through of a three hour final hearing in the children's court that wrongfully 'convicted' three innocent children and their father. Separated with zero contact for nearly ten years based purely on horrific lies with no evidence, whole childhoods destroyed.

This is proof that the criminal act of perjury is perfectly acceptable, corruption is normal and it creates the illegal removal of children from a loving parent.

No evidence is required to take the children - evidence against it is ignored. Child protection agencies are broken and act unlawfully.

This is the damming truth and can happen to anyone at any time - understand this. No one is special - we certainly are not.

This system wants to operate in secret - this book will show you the damnation and horrors from within the court room itself and exposes the horrific truth of a legal system that everyone wants to believe is right, correct and put the children first - think again!!!

One adoring father - three beautiful young children, all victims of crimes in court rooms, written in law by lies and corruption.

Your whole family will be destroyed if this happens to you - it has to stop.

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