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So yesterday I had this thought about a blog that can grow organically over time. A blog that will allow us all to understand what is going on by simply asking the ‘Barrister’ some basic questions.

Just to be clear, NYAS ‘NATIONAL YOUTH ADVOCACY SERVICE’ have appointed this barrister through the courts as an advocate of the law to establish what has been going on all these years legally and let the courts know their findings. In this case/my case a 15 year old can quickly spot the criminality and the complete lack of evidence to justify the abuse my three angels are now suffering. A 15 year old can very quickly see the evidence I’ve provided against it all and proving the criminal lies (perjury). Yet somehow the barrister assigned by NYAS to this case/my case has been unable to discover anything at all? 

So I thought it would be a really good idea to go back to basics and keep it really simple for this barrister by just asking some really simple basic questions that will allow all of us to understand what on earth is going on. Even simpler, I’ll only ask one question a day.

My email was as follows……….. 

Dear Barrister, 

This is a wonderful breakthrough, getting a reply from you so quickly.

It’s given me a great idea. Between you and I we can show the world just how easily children can be thrown into an abusive situation. 

So with that I’m going to start a new blog on my website and perhaps call it ‘simple questions to the barrister’. This way I can ask you simple questions that you will without a shadow of doubt know the answers to. We can then review, if you answer, how long it takes and of course the answer to quickly understand the situation myself and my children find ourselves in. Great right? Nothing like a bit of transparency! Of course regardless of your response or lack there of, will all be very important given that you have nothing at all to hide and all of this action is legal and above board. 

So, let me start the ball rolling with the first question and I’ll get the blog going, probably tomorrow now. 

As the barrister in this case, what evidence do you have that justifies the removal of my children and the removal of three children’s father from each other in March 2019? 

See, nothing complicated here just think what you and I can achieve. we can build this blog right up to the present. 

Kind regards 

Anonymous Father 

ps, it’s a bit like before when I was asking you questions that I knew you would not respond to deliberately so that I could publish them in my book, the last one being about protocols for death or illness. Obviously I had been doing it for a while which is why so much of your performance to date is now already published. 


I’ll leave a space under each question so I can publish the answer if or when I get it for us all.



As the barrister in this case, what evidence do you have that justifies the removal of my children and the removal of three children’s father from each other in March 2019?

awaiting response  


Have you established anything about the legalities of this case? If so where is your report?

awaiting response


As per the situation written in my book, the School, Southsea have informed me that they have a court order removing my joint parental consent in terms of the children being enrolled there in the first place. Furthermore, they have informed me there is a court order in place denying me communication with the school, following my three children’s education or even having access to attendance records, effectively erased from my children’s education. I will ask again, formerly, could you please provide me with this court order(s) under the rules, regulations and laws of GDPR? As I have asked this very simple request many times and received nothing. IF I am to still receive nothing please explain why? Forwarding a copy on an email is an incredibly simple process.

awaiting response


Could you please tell me, how on a daily basis I am to know if my three beloved children are alive or dead, healthy, seriously ill or dying?

awaiting response


Could you please let me know how many thousand of pounds of hard earned tax payers money you have paid yourself since you’ve been assigned this case and what you’ve actually done to earn it? I’m sure it can be requested through the freedom of information act?

awaiting response


Have you read my witness statement to the courts that contains critical evidence? Have you read all the extra evidence I’ve sent you and legal guardian by email since you were assigned this case? Or is reading this not in your job description either?

awaiting response


Are you both corrupt? Details of this question are in the email sent to you, the courts, the police and published to my website.

awaiting response


I am the children’s father. I need to know about my children’s health and wellbeing. You deny me this basic right. On what legal grounds are you able to do this? To completely erase my children from me?

awaiting response.


What I am doing here is as documented in my book. I am publicly displaying the sheer inability to get any basic information or communication from either of you. Even whilst I am taking the legal action to rescue my children from the abuse of their mother, partner and family you simply refuse to work with me at all in fact you have proven that you’re working against the children and I. Your actions are leaving three small children in an abusive situation, potentially destroying their childhoods. Why is this? Why can you not communicate with me? On what legal grounds do you not communicate with me?

awaiting response


Todays simple question is to ask you both to click on this link and watch this short film before you go home to your children and have a wonderful weekend.  Eyespeakout UK Dad – YouTube


Are either of you doing any work towards providing the courts with the truth for the next hearing or even working with the children to help them understand that this is all wrong and that they do have a loving, adoring father who is desperate to see them? Are you doing anything right now? Or simply leaving my children with their abusing mother and partner who you’ve let mentally abuse my children?

awaiting response


You are now aware of the extraordinary court application created by mothers solicitor. Is this enough for you to start saving three innocent children from their abuse or will you let this pass you by also?

awaiting response


I have today received a solicitors letter from the school advising me that the children are no longer being educated there and have not been for some time. Why have you not informed me?

awaiting response


Children’s court appointed NYAS Barrister. You and the children’s legal guardian from NYAS are now aware that the Headmistress of the school Southsea has been lying to you, me and then the courts, they have now informed me that they stopped educating the children in December 2020. Neither you or the school have advised me of this until last week. You are also now aware that the Solicitors in Chichester who act for the mother of my children have applied to the courts with monstrous requests. You now know that that court application contains criminal lies. What are you doing about it? As a result of all this illegality resulting in the abuse of my three children and I you two have clearly failed in your roles to the courts also. Are you now covering yourselves or will you now begin to act on  behalf the children you’ve been ordered by the courts to protect regardless of the trouble you both may be in?

awaiting response.

This ends here as the courts have ignored all of it and the children have now been taken from me for a further six and half years regardless of all of the content of this entire site.




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  1. Goingthoughthesamehell

    Where is the duty of care to these children that they are not allowed indirect contact with their father…. This should have been encouraged


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