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Gillian Keegan is our honoured local member of parliament  – The greatest part of that is that she has also been Minister for state care and mental health since 2021 – So perfectly positioned to help out given the context to mental health and care within the emails you’re about to read.

Critically, once you’ve read the factual email and the personal ‘begging’ email to the judge at the bottom of this one, realised they were ignored and you could be paying for me to go to prison an innocent man. The issue couldn’t be clearer – That’s even before any consideration of the children and what an imprisoned father does to a child’s mental health has been made.



  • You;

Fri 01/07/2022 11:17

Dear Gillian,

You have heard from me in the past but you now need to be updated on the severity of this.

The secret family court in place to protect children are now knowingly destroying 3 young children and their father, constituents of yours.

I am facing prison on the 21 of this month following another illegal hearing yesterday. You will note this from the email sent to the judge on the 29 June at the bottom of this email after being given an opportunity to adjourn it for the sake of evidence.

I won’t ramble on here as you get the full flavour of the life destroying tragedy happening in your city.

I’d like you to raise the issue in parliament regarding the secrecy laws that the family court system is protected by. In theory to protect children but the opposite is happening right under your nose (politely put). Raise this case!

Yesterday I stood before a judge who in law had an opportunity to save three young children and support the loving father to rehabilitate three young children back into a normal life, upbringing, education and parental love. Instead she criminalised me with no concern for the children and I now face being sent to prison in 21 days.

knowing that I attempted suicide in 2020 she also in taking her action knows she has a man, a loving father in front of her who may well decide to take his own life before facing prison. Much like the tragedy of Caroline Flack and others. That is not my intention however it could be a reality for her for which she has no concern.

She was also aware of the fact that this case could incite violence between the mother and the children in the years to come if not also the possibility that a child suicide or self harming of the children is a real possibility. You’ll note the children’s school even threw the children out after several years as a result of her ongoing criminality. They had to get rid of the mother.

Statistically 200 men a week commit suicide as a result of the family courts. Let me tell you why, because not only do we have the most precious things in our lives/ our whole world ripped from us through the crimes of another but we then find ourselves in these court rooms that completely violate our legal and human rights and also our children’s. Having grown up believing in the law, the courts, child protective services etc etc. We realise the horrific truth of the world we live in. Our whole way of being is turned upside down. On top of the sheer loneliness, desperation, frustration levels of mental pain and anguish no one could imagine. It’s the whole package, we simply don’t know how to live anymore. We stand before judges who have no concern for our mental health whatsoever. Let alone the children they a charged to protect, swore a judicial oath to protect. We spend our lives no longer knowing really how to operate as human beings anymore. I’ve been pushed to suicide for over eight years, I attempted it once and even the judges knowing this they plough on. We have to live, I have to live in a world where I know people are actively trying to kill me, even then judges. Yet I’m the loving and adoring father to three beautiful children suffering abuse.

This is what is killing people, many more than the pandemic or any others crisis’s. The courts are using the secrecy to run an industry that perpetuates destroying the lives of children and parents not protecting them and ending the pain.

I’m a good man and I was also instrumental in the creation of the cathedral bell tower drop in centre, I gave my free time and money and renovated that place, I donated furniture and white goods and TV etc. I used my resources and contacts to get a free kitchen from covers and floor tiles etc. I was on the Mayoral functions invitation list for a while as thanks. It would not be there as you see it today without me because the original budget was so insufficient. My initials are in the concrete with others by the front door. I adore kids and I will do anything to help disadvantaged kids. I can’t very well do that from prison. When they were criminally ripped from me three and half years ago my light went out, the real Chris was gone and diminishes daily.

The last 5 months or so involve conversations with the judge in my brain (what I’ll say in court) wake me up in the morning and consume my brain all day, everyday until I fall asleep again if I can. It is mentally consuming which leads to being physically debilitating every day of my life. This has been going on for eight years and I’ve now been prescribed diazepam on top of citalopram. The courts have received a letter from my doctor, ignored. He’s followed me through this for all these years and seen me slowly vanish as a human being.

My son may have committed suicide, my daughter may be sitting in her bed slicing herself with a razor blade. I don’t know, I don’t know where they are, where they’re educated, if they have access to the outside world and normal life with their friends etc. I’ve simply been entirely erased from their lives overnight as they loving father was erased from them overnight. The mental health issues these three children will develop could be horrifying if not catastrophic. The courts are allowing this to happen, I stood before one yesterday and face prison for trying to rescue them.

I cannot stop the terrorism and persecution because my ex wife has so much money to give to solicitors openly breaking laws.

Now please read my email to the judge the day before the hearing. Note I have attached previous emails giving even more background and truth. Which you can read when you have a little more time.

Please Gillian, don’t ignore us, help us. At the very least now I have another false criminal record, if I’m openly imprisoned and innocent man it will be made very public.

Kind regards

Chris ****

Note, this email as with all the others was completely ignored and the hearing went ahead as if it never existed, that has been my situation for 8 years.

The law for ‘using the family court process to perpetuate coercive control over another parent’ was added to the serious crimes list in 2015 for a reason, because it destroys lives as it has destroyed the lives of myself, my angels and our whole family. We are horrific victims of crime and are being ignored in courts of law.

Note the MOJ report that has been wholly ignored. (pic copied)



  • You;
  • Court clerk
  • sussexfamily;

Wed 29/06/2022 08:59

Dear clerk, the courts.

This is not a request for the hearing to be adjourned tomorrow, it’s by way of application if required however it is proven now that it will be impossible for it to be article six compliant which is the rules of law and human rights.

At the very highest level the judgement attached is not legally binding as there is no ‘wrong name on judgment ‘ in these proceedings.

The family court is not exempt to the practice direction for committal hearings as when stated in said direction that even if a child is involved it still needs to go through a process of derogation. This did not happen and my requests to my legal and human rights to a fair hearing in a crown court were ignored.

The Judge mentions that she is aware of the evidence contained within my contempt applications and has proceeded to find me guilty without applying my evidence to these proceedings. The judge has been made aware by me several times that the evidence sits with her colleague DJ ******* (judge who inflicted the order upon us) or failing that she has had plenty of time to request them from me in order to preside over an article six compliant hearing. No request has been made.

Article 6 is my human right to a fair hearing, it dictates that the judiciary is to remain completely unbiased and neutral. To be fully aware of the evidence on both sides and make a judgement based on said evidence. It is clear in these proceedings that the judge has operated wholly and emphatically biased towards mother. Knowing there is evidence that proves my innocence.

The judge remains dedicated to the fact that the ‘court order’ from 8th April remains in full force yet she is aware that at present that order is not a legally valid one. She knows that the laws and the obligatory rules of the judiciary and the court they sit in were violated particularly pertaining to PD12J that was required by law to be applied yet it was not. These laws are laid down by the Ministry of justice and she is aware of their report yet has ignored it. Previous emails to the judge have made her fully aware of that. Equally she has been made aware of the fact that Miss **** (barrister) committed perjury in that hearing, not only her herself but on behalf of her client. The judge is aware of this yet has made no attempt to bring this evidence to this case.

As it is entirely clear to everyone that this judge has knowingly violated article six it is clear that this judge is required to recuse herself and the hearing be adjourned until a judge can be found that is willing to act within the law. That is mine and my children’s legal right, a hearing in which my evidence is not ignored, it is heard and a judgement based upon it.

This judge is aware that DJ ****** sits with all the evidence of mine and my children’s innocence and that a hearing is booked for December. It has to be determined that at the very least this hearing is adjourned until after that date in which upon receiving an article six compliant hearing the truth by evidence will be shown.

It is astonishing that the judge has been made aware of the facts that mother is committing the serious crimes of using the family court process to perpetuate coercive control over another parent, to be inflicting horrific domestic abuse against another that pushed me to a suicide attempt in December 2020 and is committing the serious crime of perjury. The family court is not exempt from the perjury act. Knowing all this mother should at the very least been arrested on suspicion of these crimes that have facilitated the abuse of three young children and a full police investigation should be under way. Yet, here we have a judge knowing all this at yet proceeding as if there are no laws. All of the crimes mother is and has committed carry custodial sentences and until there is a police investigation in which my evidence is produced a hearing under article six compliance cannot be heard.

This court, this judge has all the evidence of my innocence and that there are children suffering abuse. This is happening in a family court environment that is there to protect children and parents from criminal offences. The opposite is happening and a law abiding judge who is willing to look at my evidence will establish this.

At present I cannot be found guilty of anything as my evidence has not been observed. If necessary there is required a re hearing of the original case heard on the 8 April 2021. An article six compliant hearing that takes into account the human rights of myself and the three abused children in question and applies my evidence to a correct court order.

If a hearing goes ahead tomorrow it will be an illegal one and for that reason it has to be adjourned as a miss carriage of justice will occur.

Currently it is clear that every single ‘breach’ documented displays an innocent father fighting for the rights of himself and his children who are victims of a catastrophic life and childhood destroying miss carriage of justice. Who are horrific victims of serious crime, a police matter also.

This judge refers to emails sent by me to court in her transcript. It is clear that the judge has been selective in a biased way to which ones she mentions. So it is clear she is aware of them however ignored the ones that provide her with evidence of my innocence. All if these emails will need to be presented to the next judge by way of exhibits in an adjourned hearing.

Lawfully this case cannot go any further until true law is applied and ALL the evidence taken into account. Should the courts have miss laid the evidence it can simply be requested and provided in an adjourned hearing.

If mother had murdered me she would go to prison, attempting to murder me by committing serious crimes that are intended to push me to suicide should also be putting her in prison yet they are not and this judge is knowingly letting her get away with all of them. There is also the possibility of a child suicide or self harm in this case and the family court of protection is not concerning itself with that given that ‘the welfare and wellbeing of the children are of paramount concern to any judge in a case that involves children’. This judge has shown no concern for the children whatsoever.

Previous emails from me to be shown in an adjourned hearing as exhibits show that I have begged this judge to be very concerned for the children. These emails have been ignored.

Kind regards

Chris ****

Innocent man and loving father with the evidence to show it all. 



  • You;
  • Court clerk
  • sussexfamily;

Wed 29/06/2022 09:10

Additionally, the judge thanks Miss barrister several times in this judgement, yet this judge is aware that Miss barrister lied to the courts to put this ‘draconian’ order in place.

Miss barrister had and has a legal obligation to advise the judge of her clients perjury and she has failed to do so.

The judge and the courts have my evidence of this. 


  • You

Wed 29/06/2022 09:10

Dear Mr ****,

Thank you for your email which I have forward to the Judge and I will reply back to you once Judge replies to me. 

Kind Regards,

Court Clerk


A private plea to the judge.



  • You;
  • sussexfamily;

Tue 28/06/2022 10:04

Dear Judge *****,

I’m writing this to you personally and privately without the knowledge of mother or her solicitors.

I’m writing this to you in a last ditch attempt to resolve this and save my children more pain. I’m obligated to do this as my children’s father to protect them at any cost to myself and to prove to them I never gave up on them regardless of the personal cost to me and my life.

You know that I know and understand the system and what has been allowed to happen but whatever the money spent there are three innocent children at the heart of this, my children.

You know now that you have all the evidence and I would ask you to consider what that has done to the children to date. What is happening to the children right now. I don’t know where they are, if they’re alive or dead, if they’re having suicidal thoughts or harming themselves. I don’t know if they’re even in a school or being held captive and home schooled to protect them from the truth in the outside world.

Your honour all five of us are in a crisis situation that could result in violence or even death between the children and their mother. We know mother must be deeply unwell by now and we don’t know if the children turn on her and come for me she may take the view that if she can’t have them, I certainly can’t. She has access to an armoury and it’s now become clear she is capable of anything. We also don’t know if the children turn on her for the destruction she’s caused in their lives and that of their father, nearly killing him and still continuing to try with an endless pot of cash to litigate.

The children will have been through incredible trauma at the hands of their mother and step father already. They’ve lost their father they adored overnight and the rest of their family and relatives. Relatives who are ageing and not long left on this earth. They are being refused access to the family they love and will indeed miss the opportunity to say goodbye at their funerals.

They will in time get older and realise that family they have now have all been telling them horrific lies, that their childhoods have been ruined by the family they thought they loved. The damage to children’s mental health in these situations is immense and we simply don’t know if they or one them may get so deeply disturbed in the years to come that they go after their ‘family’ with violence or worse.

Your honour, these are my children, my family. They have been through horrific trauma already, they are still living it and they face it all over again when they figure out the truth about what has been done to them and their father and relatives they knew and loved.

We are in a potentially incredibly dangerous situation that is not going away. I’m not asking for the court order to be overturned and the children ripped from their mother and sent to me because that would be too cruel. mother has done what she has done now and she will have to try to fix things with her children the best she can. I know and understand that I can only hope and pray there is a knock on the door one day or a message on social media. That is where we are, that is the tragedy we live in, they may choose to never look for me again but in the meantime Your Honour they do have the legal and human right to know that their father is here for them, loves them and has never abandon them. This this is not their fault, that they do not need to grow up in the belief that their father walked away from them, is dangerous and doesn’t love them anymore. These children don’t deserve that.

If/when they figure that out one day all hell could break loose and I’m terrified for them, for their mother, for me. We are all facing horrific tragedies already in our futures, tragedies I can see but mother is not able to, not able to see that her children will most likely despise her one day. She is doing this to herself and is unstoppable.

The intent is to send me to prison, I ask you, just think what that will do to the children on top of everything else. To have a father in prison is not healthy for any child.

Then one day realising what a court of law sent their father to prison for……for fighting for them. How are they supposed to grow up believing that there is law and justice in this world when they find out the truth?

I beg you Your Honour, personally and privately to think about the children. You know now I don’t care what happens to me. I’m dead inside, there’s very little left in me. The light in me went out in March 2019 and I have been serving a prison sentence since then. Every day I spend without my children in my life I’m in a prison in my head that’s slowly destroying me. Yet people tell me, stay strong for when the children come find you. I’m trapped with my life falling to pieces around me.

I beg you for mother that this ends for her sake and her children. I don’t want them hating her in the future, I don’t want any of this hate, I never wanted this war that has taken so much from people and created such destruction in human lives, especially the/my beautiful, innocent young children.

For all our sakes, please make this go away it’s potentially inciting violence or worse in the future, my children don’t deserve to be victims of that or mentally pushed to it.

I can’t say anymore, I know in my heart of hearts this is all I can do to protect everyone, there’s nothing more I can say or do accept live in the knowledge that I tried. I did everything I could for my children and their mother.

Kind regards

Chris ****


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