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Dear children’s barrister and legal guardian, 

I asked you this morning if you are both corrupt in ‘simple questions to the barrister’?

This email sent this morning being forwarded to the courts and the police also. 

The reason for this is that we know the Mothers farming family of Chichester are very wealthy. We also (and the best part of Chichester and surrounding areas) know their appetite for destruction and that they are not concerned about either their notoriety or about publicly displaying it. As per children’s grandfather publicly displaying his eviction of his very own son, daughter in law and four granddaughters from their family home of 26 years in the national press and the resulting eviction is certainly no secret locally/nationally. 

Again, you cannot remove children from a father and keep it a secret so there is obviously no shame as far as the families willingness for public acknowledgement in this tragic case of their willingness to publicly abuse their own grandchildren, niece and nephews and own children. 

We also know that mothers solicitor, Chichester has been creating and issuing to the courts lies, without evidence for many years now in a campaign to destruct three children’s relationships with their father. These criminal lies are what we call perjury, a crime that can carry a custodial sentence. Can you get away with this just because you are a solicitor? 

We also know that mother has been behind this campaign and signing off on the illegal litigation for years that once entered into a courtroom and used as evidence becomes criminal. They are perjury and can carry a custodial sentence. 

There must be a reason why the Headmistress of their school, Southsea has lied about my ability to be involved in my children’s education? Was she paid off too? She has also provided the courts with hugely defamatory illegal claims that are untrue and backed with no evidence even after I’ve asked for it. Is there corruption involving the school? You seem completely unable to resolve this issue? This, so critical of issues, if a school is involved in and supporting a case of the abuse of three of their pupils and no one is looking into it? Or at the very least providing some answers to me? 

We know that the mothers family are very wealthy so are they paying you off to prolong this illegal campaign of parental alienation which is child abuse of their own children/family members? 

You have endless evidence from me proving the lies are crimes yet you have not provided the courts with any of that evidence or even a suggestion that is exists. This I would suggest is withholding evidence from the courts which is a criminal offence by you in its own right isn’t it? 

If you are failing to provide the courts with the truth and the evidence, are you not perverting the course of justice yourselves? Isn’t this another criminal offence? Isn’t it made more horrific because it involves the abuse of three small children? The young citizens of this country you vow to protect. 

Your website tells the British public many great things that you do yet you have done nothing in this case that backs up your advertised claims. You are taking hard earned cash from tax payers to do the polar opposite of your public claims, does that mean that in fact you are defrauding the tax payers and the state? Isn’t that another criminal offence? 

SO, in light of all this, from where we are all standing we can only assume that there must be some level of corruption in this case? Is this true? Can you explain away this concern? 

Having all the evidence required to bring this child abuse to the judges attention in December 2020 you failed to do anything at all allowing the abuse to continue for another four months and even then only with a view to create a wholly unnecessary ‘global family assessment’ to the table causing a parent and the abused children even more pain. Albeit you would still be earning from something you should legally have stopped a year ago. 

Are you two illegally taking tax payers money and large sums of money from a wealthy family by way of corruption to further the abuse of myself and my three children, to allow a criminal mother and solicitor to get away with their crimes and to fill your pockets? If not, what is you agenda? 

Are the abusers enjoying some level of legal immunity that others don’t? Is there a reason as to how you are letting them get away with this? Do you enjoy immunity from the law also giving you the freedom to earn a living from child abuse? 

If not, how can you explain your actions or worse, complete failure to act. In fact all I and everyone else has seen are your attempts to attack me. Very strange given that I instigated this legal action against the mother of my children because she was and still is in direct breach of the court order of August 2019. Something that you have failed to acknowledge, even mention or show any concern about. 

This related to my son wanting to see me at the time. This was a point when my son’s human rights to see his father were abused, neglected, violated and completely overlooked. 

All the children need is their loving, adoring father. When will you put this right? 

This is the clearest most obvious case of parental alienation you could possibly have in front of you but it is also derived from criminality. Criminality that you are aware of. Thousands of people have been writing about and campaigning against this child abuse for decades. You have been ordered by the courts to remedy it. Yet all you are doing is telling the courts lies or withholding the truth. Please explain? Or at the very least google parental alienation and educate yourselves if it is a subject you are STILL not familiar with as we have another hearing coming up soon. 

The truth is all there, the truth that my three angels and I should never have lost contact in the first place. You are ignoring it, why? 

Kind regards 



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Innocent children, father, mother, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends - understand the tragedy that affects everyone.

After a 7 year hell this is a walk-through of a three hour final hearing in the children's court that wrongfully 'convicted' three innocent children and their father. Separated with zero contact for nearly ten years based purely on horrific lies with no evidence, whole childhoods destroyed.

This is proof that the criminal act of perjury is perfectly acceptable, corruption is normal and it creates the illegal removal of children from a loving parent.

No evidence is required to take the children - evidence against it is ignored. Child protection agencies are broken and act unlawfully.

This is the damming truth and can happen to anyone at any time - understand this. No one is special - we certainly are not.

This system wants to operate in secret - this book will show you the damnation and horrors from within the court room itself and exposes the horrific truth of a legal system that everyone wants to believe is right, correct and put the children first - think again!!!

One adoring father - three beautiful young children, all victims of crimes in court rooms, written in law by lies and corruption.

Your whole family will be destroyed if this happens to you - it has to stop.