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ARRESTED AGAIN – arrest number 6. 

So yes, I got arrested AGAIN and locked up for 20 hours.

Quietly sitting, chatting with a friend on Friday evening 19th February 2021. There was a knock at my door. I opened it to find FOUR police officers telling me there had been an allegation, just an allegation, that I had broken the terms of the ridiculous, bought restraining order in place to ‘protect’ my ex wife from the extraordinarily dangerous man that I am.

In police talk this allegation means you’re under arrest anyway so in they come, I cannot stop them. I am flatly denying any breach of any order at all. I’m begging them to see reason and believe me but it’s no use. There is an allegation in place so nothing I can say to waste all this time works to stop the process.

The officers started seizing all of my electronic equipment like my phone, my ipad, an old laptop. Then they’re in my office dismantling my PC and searching around looking for anything else they can find. They took some old hard drives etc. They took a copy of my book.

I’m am standing there begging for them to listen to me whilst my home, my place of safety is being completely violated. My privacy is of no concern to anyone even whilst I’m asking them to provide some evidence that justifies all this and my arrest. There is none, just an allegation.

They ask me to walk out leaving officers in my house, I refuse, how can I trust these people to not be taking something else. I have intruders in my house, breaking just about every human rights law there is in my opinion. The intruders, the thieves in my house are police officers. Stealing everything that is personal and private to me, including my very own life. Over an allegation, I am completely de humanised watching all my abilities to communicate with friends, family, to work to entertain myself. I even have sonos and hue lighting so my ability to simply listen to music, control my lighting even turn the lights off in my aquarium are taken from me and being sealed into bags.

My life and my ability to function, live, survive it has just been taken from me.

Even whilst we are in lockdown, peoples mental health is suffering and items like these are the only link to the outside world we have.

I was once again processed and locked up in solitary confinement. 14 or so hours later I was interviewed where all this evidence is being produced, this big investigation.

You see the terms are that I am not allowed to contact my ex wife directly or INDIRECTLY. The allegation was that I had contacted her indirectly. Rest assured the idea of being in any kind of contact with her, even the thought of her and how she’s abusing my children, her own children makes me sick to the core.

What I had done was texted a few old contacts who have believed the catastrophic lies that the child abuser has told about me. I had used legallystolenchildren insta to follow a few people to make them aware that the truth existed, to try to repair the damage that has been done to my life and my children’s. Some of these people had alerted her rather than stopping, thinking, perhaps even reading the truth before they created such a horrific incident.

Contacting someone directly is obvious, indirectly contacting someone is sending a message or an email etc to someone they know asking them or indicating to them to contact the ‘victim’.

I had done none of this, I knew this. She had falsely and criminally accused me of something I had not done, I knew I had not done it, I was pleading this with the police. Why had they listened to her and not willing to listen to me? This false allegation could put me into prison that was the severity of it. Why was I not allowed to have my say, ‘go away, come back when you have some evidence’ 

My intentions to alert a few people was further to my ‘clearing my name’ post hoping someone might see what is going on and try to help. It is my view that the people who are supporting these crimes and child abuse are as guilty of being accomplices to the crimes for as long as they refuse to listen to the truth, listen to both sides. Some of these people loved me and knew me for years yet now believe that I am a monster. This for me highlights two things, the incredible power of the narcissistic mother to programme and convert supposedly intelligent adults into believing a man and a father they once knew could even be this level of monster that her children should have no father at all. Not even the ability to communicate online.

The second is the tragedy of these people, who I have begged over the years to believe me, help the children, help the mother to stop the abuse have all ignored me. Soon they will realise what they have supported, what they’ve been involved in and not cared. A father, a man they once knew pushed to a suicide attempt and three children’s lives being destroyed by lies and mental abuse. They have all played a part in and are all partly responsible for what has been happening, still happening. They all have the power to stop it yet they refuse.

In the interview all these pictures, screen shots etc are being produced to me. I won’t go into the interview but it’s unpleasant, you feel like you’re being pushed into accepting things, being confused about things, terrified you may say something wrong that confuses the situation. Pushed into admissions of guilt.

I had been accused of going around putting child abuse leaflets through the doors of these people! where did that come from??? this is another lie from the mother. I was accused of having another phone and texting family members. I was being set up. Then an interesting photo came up that I had to double take. It was a screenshot of my personal Instagram account. This proved that she was stalking me and using my personal posts to try to put me in prison. These are criminal offences, trying to get someone into trouble with the law by falsifying evidence.

I was being shown these crazy things that I know nothing about. I’d simply texted a few people with the links and sent follow requested to some people on Instagram. That was all and I knew it. 

After around 20 hours I was told I was being released with no charges. Well of course, how could there be?

The trouble is the trauma you go through when you’re in a cell potentially facing prison for something you have not done. If you’ve never been there, it’s harrowing (for me anyway). Especially when you look at all the crimes that have been created to create all of this in first place. Crimes that no one has ever wanted to look into. So of course, how can I expect the right decision to be made now. I had to lie there and mentally prepare myself for going to prison for nine months. I had such negative thoughts of how I could ever carry on living like this. How can I spend the rest of my life having a criminal, a stalker, a persecutor a terrorist who will not stop until I’m either in prison or dead. Breaking every law there is and the police do absolutely nothing about it.

I’m supposed to live my life like this whilst still having my beloved children taken from me through untold criminal lies.

I am currently receiving silly cheap children’s things from an anonymous amazon account which of course is her. I’m receiving prank phone calls. I have to live with this because I know the police will do nothing to help me. There are still two open cases one of criminal harassment they won’t deal with from years ago.

I had a chat with the two senior officers in reception whilst waiting for the bags of my personal belongings. Just be clear I am not attacking them personally, they were really nice guys just doing their jobs.

I told them this whole thing was brutal, how can you do this to someone? How can you simply take an allegation, another one of so many before it and take someone’s life away from them in a heartbeat and lock them up? What happened to my human rights?

The reason I was told is that the protocol for a situation like this is to quickly seize the communication items and the person before they realise and start to hide things or prepare.

No, no, how can this be correct? An allegation has been made that can destroy a mans life.

Request ALL the evidence the ‘victim’ has to justify their claim. Investigate it, decide if there is any substance in the claim, if any laws had been broken then act, or don’t as should have been the case here.

The investigating officers had compiled no evidence at all that any crimes had been committed. There was no evidence at all that I had either made contact directly or indirectly. Upon establishing that they would have realised that it would be wrong to arrest me and none of this would have happened.

Some really important things to note.

All over the evidence they have about the suspect talks about a suicide attempt. So they are potentially dealing with someone in a lot of pain and may be mentally very fragile. NO consideration of my mental health was ever taken into consideration. No consideration to what this might do to me if they’d got it wrong was taken. I’m in a good place right now, I may not have been. The police could have killed me. Never was this an issue for them and who they were dealing with.

I sobbed when I returned to my cell from interview, why? Because I looked at all the energy, the work, the police time and resources, this file of evidence. All of this for an allegation of nothing more than indirect contact with someone. IF one officer at one point in the last seven years had put 5% of the energy that had taken place here and put it into listening to me and acting for me none of this would ever have happened. I don’t just mean this arrest I mean child abuse.

The officers stand in my house defending themselves by telling me there’s an allegation and that they have to respond to and look into EVERY allegation they receive. These are lies because they have NEVER looked into or acted upon a single allegation of mine. My allegations are serious crimes against myself and my children supported by unquestionable evidence, no investigation needed. They have never acted for me and the truth, yet they have acted over and over again for her with no evidence and for such silly things.

I’m sent on my way with no apology, no line of compensation, not even a lift home with all the bags I’m stood there with.

The most catastrophic thing of all, she is free to continue to do this to me over and over again. There are no consequences for her at all. Even whilst it is clear that she is the one actually breaking the law.

For the record, of course I’m told I can raise a formal complaint, I have done several times in the past. I have the records that the police do not investigate fully, they simply protect themselves. So I know there is little point in putting any more time and energy into a futile course of action.

For me this is police brutality.

The laws state that we are innocent until proven guilty. NO, we are guilty until proven innocent.

So are the police breaking the very laws that are in place to protect every person in this country?

How can you be locked up while the police try to find out if you’re innocent?


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