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Yesterday I was sent an email from the NYAS appointed Barrister. I have forwarded my reply to both barrister and the NYAS appointed legal guardian of my three children. These are the people the family courts have appointed to remedy this tragedy. This email was sent to the courts as well. 


Dear Barrister and Guardian

Thank you for your email. Allow me to address your comments therein.

The emails I have sent you are pictures and films of my beautiful children and I and sent in the event that you may realise that the children had a loving father once. How can these be inappropriate as you say? Please by all means bring them to the courts attention it’s most relevant to them. I will too.

You then go on to inform me that you operate a tandem model, tandem meaning ‘two’ right? So where is your work or your findings? 

You have informed me that it is not your role to ‘investigate’ or to make ‘findings’. Then what on earth is your role that you are being paid by the British tax payers to do? 

‘the court makes findings and decisions in consideration of the children’s best interests’? They are doing this on the basis of your reports and your findings, your tandem operation. How can they do this when you are not telling the courts the truth? 

I’ve been sent the NYAS complaints procedure. I know this would be a futile process and ignore it. 

You then refer to me identifying the children’s school and ask me to consider the impact that may have on the children. Are you actually living on another planet? The school, the Head Mistress has acted illegally and continues to do so through perjury and perverting the course of justice. I have made you aware of this, I have proved this. You are proving this in your own litigation right now by not simply forwarding me the copy of this mysterious non existent court order that you have now been requested again, publicly. 

You tell me your role is not to investigate or make findings? It doesn’t even worry you that the children’s school is playing a pivotal role in the abuse of three of their pupils lives and has been for over two years? 

You ask me to be concerned about the impact it may have on my three children that I am trying to rescue from this abuse. That you have been assigned by the courts to help and protect these children? You lay claims on me and allow lies to be produced to the courts without any evidence whatsoever by the school. I’m telling you the school has and is acting illegally and you completely ignore this fact? Who is acting criminally here? You as well? 

You have them in my witness statement, also produced in my book the two police report numbers I received after attempting to report the crimes of both the school and the solicitors, Chichester. Both of which the police declined to intervene. 

You may then decide to report me to police yourselves but even then the police would need to look very closely at their actions or failure to act that has led us ALL to this point right here right now. The failures of the police to act on behalf of the children and I over the last seven years are well documented in my book.

It is the failure of any of you to act on behalf of my abused children and I that has created this whole campaign. You wish to sit secretly and anonymously behind closed doors, creating and prolonging this pain and child abuse however your ‘work’ does not afford me that luxury does it? I cannot hide that my three angels have been criminally taken from me and I cannot stop people wondering what horrors I did to my children to lose them when I did nothing at all. 

IF you and your associates are acting legally and above board there is no reason at all why they should not be happy to publicly justify their actions is there? I’m public, I’ve been given no choice! 

You then refer to me struggling with my mental health and seek medical assistance??!?! My mental health is just fine, thank you for your concern. How is yours? Does it help your case if someone criminally calls the police with an unjustified claim about my mental health so that you are able to add it to your defamatory actions against me in court? 

Am I to find your comment that you are sending my emails to the mothers solicitor some kind of threat? Something for me to be concerned about? To the man that has orchestrated this criminality for the last seven years. Please do. He should have no problem publicly proving his actions are legal and justified should he? We are talking about three innocent children here that are being abused. A father that is being abused. This is not a business deal. These are real lives. 

Kind regards



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