EMAIL TO THE COURTS – THE JUDGE Prior to committal hearing tomorrow 21 July 2022


by Anonymous Father



Prior to the hearing tomorrow that you’ve all been made aware of. This is my email to the courts. To the judge. I have not removed any names as I have always declared that whilst there have been ongoing attempts in secret to destroy my life and that of my children. I’ve always declared that I’ll defend myself openly and not hide who I am. Equally, assuming that the judge in question is operating within the law there will no problem declaring her name either. As such, acting within the law does not require any secrecy whatsoever. WE will of course see tomorrow how this email is received and dealt with. I’ll be in touch.You will note that this is a matter now about holding criminals to task whilst attemts are being made to illegaly criminalise me.


: Claire Jakens, acting as Judge Jakens,

: ~Brighton Magistrates’ Court

: ~The Law Courts

: ~Edward Street

: ~Brighton

: ~BN2 0LG.


: Christopher-James: Vose.


: ~Chichester

: ~ West Sussex

: ~*******

: Date: ~20th of July in the year of our Lord 2022.


: Notice Before Claim:

: Notice to agent is notice to principal, &: Notice to principal is notice to agent;


Dear Claire Jakens acting as Judge Jakens,

I the living breathing flesh and blood Man: Christopher-James, agent for the legal embodiment/Trust: MR VOSE, require and demand the alleged case number SD21P50081, alleged to be heard 21st of July 2022 at 2pm. be struck out or dismissed with prejudice for failing to adhere with the rule of Law, and no due process, due to the following counts, or my intention will be to sue those accountable;

We hereby express the following counts: Count 1). The Vatican created a world trust using the birth certificate to capture the value of each individual’s future productive energy. Each state, province and country in the fiat monetary system, contributes their people’s value to this world trust identified by the SS, SIN or EIN numbers,  maintained in the Vatican registry. Corporations worldwide (individuals became corporate fictions through their birth certificate) are connected to the Vatican through law (Vatican to Crown to BAR to laws to judge to people) and through money (Vatican birth accounts value to IMF to Treasury (Federal Reserve) to banks to people (loans) to judges (administration) and sheriffs (confiscation).

Count 2: Judges administer the birth trust account in court matters favoring the court and the banks, acting as the presumed “beneficiary” since they have not properly advised the “true beneficiary” of their own trust. 

Count 3: Judges, attorneys, bankers, lawmakers, law enforcement and all public officials (servants) are now held personally liable for their confiscation of true beneficiary’s homes, cars, money and assets; false imprisonment, deception, harassment, and conversion of the true beneficiary’s trust funds.

: The Importance of Motu Proprio by Pope Francis;

Count 4). According to the New Advent Catholic Encyclopedia, Motu Propria in Latin stands for “of his own accord” and is the name given to an official decree by a Pope personally in his capacity and office as supreme sovereign pontiff and not in his capacity as the apostolic leader and teacher of the Universal Church. To put it more bluntly, a Motu Propria is the highest form of legal instrument on the planet in accordance to its provenance, influence and structure to the Western-Roman world, overriding anything that could be issued by the United Nations, the Inner and Middle Temple, the Crown of Great Britain or any other Monarch and indeed by any head of state or body politic. If you are a member of the United Nations, or recognized by the United States or the United Kingdom or have a bank account anywhere on the planet, then a Motu Propria is the highest legal instrument, no question. 


: The Motu Proprio Link attached below:, where it states;





In our times, the common good is increasingly threatened by transnational organized crime, the improper use of the markets and of the economy, as well as by terrorism.

It is therefore necessary for the international community to adopt adequate legal instruments to prevent and counter criminal activities, by promoting international judicial cooperation on criminal matters.

In ratifying numerous international conventions in these areas, and acting also on behalf of Vatican City State, the Holy See has constantly maintained that such agreements are effective means to prevent criminal activities that threaten human dignity, the common good and peace.

With a view to renewing the Apostolic See’s commitment to cooperate to these ends, by means of this Apostolic Letter issued Motu Proprio, I establish that:

  1. The competent Judicial Authorities of Vatican City State shall also exercise penal jurisdiction over:
  2. a) crimes committed against the security, the fundamental interests or the patrimony of the Holy See;
  3. b) crimes referred to:

– in Vatican City State Law No. VIII, of 11 July 2013, containing Supplementary Norms on Criminal Law Matters;

– in Vatican City State Law No. IX, of 11 July 2013, containing Amendments to the Criminal Code and the Criminal Procedure Code;

when such crimes are committed by the persons referred to in paragraph 3 below, in the exercise of their functions;

  1. c) any other crime whose prosecution is required by an international agreement ratified by the Holy See, if the perpetrator is physically present in the territory of Vatican City State and has not been extradited.
  2. The crimes referred to in paragraph 1 are to be judged pursuant to the criminal law in force in Vatican City State at the time of their commission, without prejudice to the general principles of the legal system on the temporal application of criminal laws.
  3. For the purposes of Vatican criminal law, the following persons are deemed“public officials”:
  4. a) members, officials and personnel of the various organs of the Roman Curia and of the Institutions connected to it.
  5. b) papal legates and diplomatic personnel of the Holy See.
  6. c) those persons who serve as representatives, managers or directors, as well as persons who even de factomanage or exercise control over the entities directly dependent on the Holy See and listed in the registry of canonical juridical persons kept by the Governorate of Vatican City State;
  7. d) any other person holding an administrative or judicial mandate in the Holy See, permanent or temporary, paid or unpaid, irrespective of that person’s seniority.
  8. The jurisdiction referred to in paragraph 1 comprises also the administrative liability of juridical persons arising from crimes, as regulated by Vatican City State laws.
  9. When the same matters are prosecuted in other States, the provisions in force in Vatican City State on concurrent jurisdiction shall apply.
  10. The content of article 23 of Law No. CXIX of 21 November 1987, which approves the Judicial Order of Vatican City Stateremains in force.

This I decide and establish, anything to the contrary notwithstanding.

I establish that this Apostolic Letter issued Motu Proprio will be promulgated by its publication in L’Osservatore Romano, entering into force on 1 September 2013.

Given in Rome, at the Apostolic Palace, on 11 July 2013, the first of my Pontificate.




Count 5). The Motu Proprio issued by Pope Francis is historic on multiple levels, but most significant above all others in that it recognizes the supremacy of the Golden Rule, the same teaching ascribed to Jesus Christ and the intimate connection to the Rule of Law, that all are subject to the rule of law, no one is above the law.


Count 6). We express our right for the observance of due process under the: Observance of due Process of Law (1368)

None shall be put to answer without due Process of Law. 

It is assented and accorded, for the good Governance of the Commons, that no Man be put to answer without Presentment before Justices, or Matter of Record, or by due Process and Writ original, according to the old Law of the Land: And if any Thing from henceforth be done to the contrary, it shall be void in the Law, and holden for Error.

Count 7).  We express our right for a Public hearing under the: Human Rights Act 1998, Article 6 part (1).

  1. In the determination of his civil rights and obligations or of any criminal charge against him, everyone is entitled to a fair and public hearing within a reasonable time by an independent and impartial tribunal established by law. Judgment shall be pronounced publicly but the press and public may be excluded from all or part of the trial in the interest of morals, public order or national security in a democratic society, where the interests of juveniles or the protection of the private life of the parties so require, or to the extent strictly necessary in the opinion of the court in special circumstances where publicity would prejudice the interests of justice.

Count 8). We express our right for a Jury trial according to the fact; In England and Wales (which have the same legal system), everyone accused of an offence which carries more than six months’ imprisonment has a right to trial by jury. (Baldwin v. New York, 399 U.S. 66 (1970).)’


We require the response for the above requirements within 7 days by You whilst under Your Public oath of office and while under the 7 Nolan Principles of Public Life:…/the-7-principles-of-public-life–2 and under the penalty of perjury, you have until 4pm on the 27th of July in the year of our Lord 2022 before we will be forced to file a claim against those accountable.

: All rights intact and invoked,

: No ill will, harm or loss intended,


Kind regards


: Christopher-James: Vose, Agent for and Beneficiary of the Legal Embodiment/Trust MR VOSE.



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